Monday, 20 September 2010

A dating resolution.

There are some nights when I really miss Germnacius. I am successfully not reading anything more into this than that we were together for so long and that I am still getting used to his not being an almost constant physical presence in my life. Although sometimes I do wonder if my thinking about him so often and wanting to see him more often means something deeper. He is a lovely, wonderful person and i am still achingly fond of him and although he does have his annoying habits and all the things that used to annoy me so much are clearly still there he still compares very favourably to the other men that I am meeting and considering dating. To such an extent that although I do not mean to compare him with other boys it does happen.

When I was out at the weekend on that sort of a date but not quite I looked over at my companion and thought how uninteresting and dull he was compared to Germanicus. He didn't treat me the same way, talk about the same things or even look as good. I am not back at university after the long summer break and today in one of my classes the previously mentioned pompous fat chap sat next to me. He is great fun and jolly nice but as it suddenly occured to me that he might ask me out I felt a wave of mixed feelings. I am not sure I want to go on a date with him where as with Germanicus I was always sure I wanted to.

Oh I am just still adjusting to single life. Wednesday is the 23rd and it will be a whole three months since I ended things with G. I am out that night with friends for a proper dressed up night and intend to throw myself into the dating scene by flirting with lots of cute boys and maybe even getting asked out, even if only by the pompous chap, for I have made up my mind only to say no to date offers if I truly loath the person asking, I need the practice and after all one need not go out with them on a second date if the first goes badly.

In fact I hereby make the resolution to accept all date offers unless I detest the chap asking me.

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