Thursday, 26 May 2011

All By Myself.

I think I have found the reason that I am still single all these months after my split: I really enjoy my own company! I sometimes cancel nights out with friends simply to have a nice glass of wine and relax with a book or a movie on my own, I need at least a few hours of reading and/or cult tv or movie watching time or at the very least internet browsing time on my own every day and I much prefer taking holidays abroad by myself than with friends. Although I so love proper evenings of chat with good friends and going out drinking and clubbing with uni friends, what I enjoy most of all is a yummy meal, some really good wine and a splendid new book (by new I must clarify that I really mean old but as in new to me).

But having come to this conclusion I am trying to make myself go out more, for after all while one afternoon I may simply think I am going out to meet a friend and have a cup of coffee while on my way there I may well meet a wonderful man, and so I have vowed to accept every single social offer from now until the end of the summer. Hence my acceptance to lunch with a new work colleague on Monday even though he is at least 65 and likes to flirt for he may well have a cute grandson or the waiter might be hot... and also it is a free lunch!

Because the thing is that one can live one's life perfectly happily and continue hoping one will meet someone wonderful to date and yet never meet them because one only leaves the house to work, study, meet friends etc but each time only with a set purpose rather than with a more open minded looking about one for possibilities, and I need to try and do that.