Monday, 23 January 2012

There is always a reason for the single state.

With my head full of 'American Gods' I am looking forward to my date with Mr Blonde tonight. Saw him last week as well and so this is some sort of record for never before have we been able (or possibly willing) to meet up twice in such short succession! I find the whole thing rather odd, though a lot less odd than everyone else seems to... I have mentioned it to a few friends and my dear old mother as well, and all to a woman make a most amusing screwed up surprised face and then say 'But why? I don't understand it?' or words to that effect. For though we have been going on dates since way back in August, we have yet to see each other more than twice in one month, we have only ever met up on week nights, he has very cheerfully paid for all meals and drinks, and yet he makes absolutely no move to see more of me, to start an actual relationship with me.

Yet I don't mind... Mr Blonde is a jolly decent man (and actually rather good looking as well which is always a big plus) and if perhaps he is just lonely and wants someone happy and chatty to take out to dinner occasionally then that is fine by me. I think he has a huge fear of commitment, which is why he has never had a serious relationship before, and I can totally see why. He sometimes leaves ages between dates and is very busy indeed at work where he also works long hours, he likes to visit his friends and family most weekends and has an active social life. Which doesn't leave much room for a girlfriend. Until last week in fact we hadn't seen each over for two whole months! To be truthful I thought it was over and that I wouldn't hear from him again, but then he suddenly got back in touch. Christmas makes people feel lonely I think. I have wondered if he is seeing other girls, but I believe him when he said he wasn't, and if he is then I don't actually much mind as we aren't sleeping together.

I always have fun when I see him, we chat and eat at delicious restaurants and then kiss goodnight and don't see each other for another few weeks... I like him, but am not crazy about him, and I must admit to enjoying being wined and dined very much, and as for him... Well I have no idea! Is he just lonely and like having someone to go out with? But surely it is normal to want more than just to buy me dinner?! And as for me, I like him enough to enjoy his company but not enough to mind very much that he isn't falling hopelessly in love with me.

So a lovely dinner tonight, and maybe even some yummy cocktails afterwards. Say what you will he does treat me well!

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