Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Benedick or Much Ado About Nothing?

I decided just to go for it and ask him out... He is my lecturer but we are reasonably close in age (I am not an undergraduate) and he is not going to be marking any of my work and the lectures have finished. I was planning to wait until after the exam but after my last lecture with him we had a long chat and he was so nice and seemed genuinely happy and interested in talking to me too so although I didn't have the nerve to ask him out then and there, which would have been the best thing to do, I emailed him shortly afterwards. The email was succinct and cute, and I just asked him out for coffee. It has been over a day now and I keep checking my email account but he has not yet been in touch... Have asked various people and they seem to all agree that there is a three day rule for this sort of thing and if he hasn't replied after three days then he is either jolly rude or is saying no without replying... I feel sick and very nervous which seems ridiculous!

I have never asked a chap out before and can now understand why more boys don't ask me out: it is terrifying and horrible! I am v nervous that he will say no because I like him so much and over the last few months he has rather become my fall back day dream man which has been lovely and totally made me move on from my ex. So I dread losing that which I will have to if he says no. I am also rather nervous about him saying yes as I think I will be sick with nerves before meeting up with him, silly but true! Also bit embarrassed at the thought that he might feel the need to check with his head of department that it is okay to date me, or even just tell him about it if he says no, that would be embarrassing... However, I am v pleased that I have done it and really I have nothing to lose as he won't be around next year so I wouldn't have to keep running into him or anything if he declines.

Dating is so difficult and I really feel like the world of fiction has not prepared me for it. If only I could be a glorious heroine and have men fall at my feet. Shakespeare though had rather a good line on it, I have been thinking especially of 'Much Ado About Nothing' recently for as he there showed there is nothing like finding out someone likes you to make you instantly find them much more attractive and like them back. Oh wonderfully handsome and horribly intellectual lecturer, are you going to be my Benedick?

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