Wednesday, 9 February 2011


I am lonely... I would really like to stop thinking about my ex and to move on and find someone else. I do like that I have time now to do my ironing and read as many books as I like but I would love to have someone who cared about me and wanted to have dinners together a few times a week. To be the automatic person that I would take with me to the theatre this weekend since I have managed to blag some free tickets, the person I would call when something wonderful happened and the person I fall asleep with at night.

Bridget Jones would be appalled in public but would secretly agree that having a man around is jolly nice. My flatmate has been around a lot recently as her chap has been away but he got back this weekend and since then she hasn't been here and I have been a little lonely. Tonight when she got in she had her bf with her and I have listened to them giggling through the wall ever since. I am really pleased she is happy and begrudge her nothing, it just makes me realise more and more that I would also like to have a boyfriend around.

There is a man I like so very much and would love to go on a date with... but he is one of my lecturers and has not shown any interest in me. We both regularly arrive early for our two lectures together a week and chat together before other people arrive. He is so lovely but I have no idea if he is even single, and even if he were I don't feel I can ask him out incase he felt it was inappropriate... Gosh I do adore him!

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