Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas...

Totally rubbish festive period but am the happiest I have been all day thanks to being on my own ensconced in my bedroom with pretty macbook, large glass of rich red tanniny wine, having listened to 'Just William at Christmas' on audiobook and with 'Have I Got News for You' on the iplayer.

As a rule I adore Christmas but sadly my family don't care about it much added to which we don't have family visiting on the day and so there is no need for them to go to any trouble. But what makes everything rather ghastly is my sister is back visiting from Madrid and has morphed into a cross between a sickeningly enthusiastic games mistress (of the strictly a-sexual variety) and a pious prig. She is insufferable and annoying me constantly to the extent that I want to scream or witheringly put her down so I have to spend a lot of time biting my tongue and sitting in silence. Why oh why are there so many lovely people currently stuck at airports where as her flight was able to take off?

Single for Christmas for the first time in years but haven't noticed except rather longingly missing the lover's tokens I have in the past been given on Christmas day.

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